Half marathon 21 098 m

Half marathon

The Half marathon run has start and finish at Nordhus Stadium. The trail runs on asphalt in scenic surroundings along the archipelago of Torgøyene. Parts of the trail also go on a dirt road around the legendary mountain Torghatten. Here is the opportunity for a unique nature experience.

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Age Groups (Female/Male):

16-17 years, 18-22 years , 23-34 years , 35-39 years , 40-44 years , 45-49 years , 50-54 years , 55-59 years , 60-64 years , 65-69 years , 70-74 years , 75-79 years , over 80 years

Maximum race time: 3 hours


Generelt er dette en nokså “flat” og lett kupert løype.
Startområdet er på ca 8 moh, og høyeste punkt på løypa nåes etter ca 12,5 km, ca 32 moh (se profil under).
Løypa starter flatt/nedover, med en påfølgende stigning på 6 m. etter 200 m. Deretter ganske flatt terreng i ca 11,5 km, så en gradvis stigning på 27 m. over ca 1 km mot høyeste punkt, før det går nedover og flater ut inn mot mål.



Drinking Stations

At the drinking stations you will meet nice local residents, who offer water, sports drinks and banana.
There are drinking stations approx. every 5 km along the full and half marathon runs.
Wardrobes, toilets, and shower

The wardrobes have showers and toilets, and can be found at Nordhus Stadium at the start / finish area.
If you need to store clothes or valuables, we will of course help with that. Contact our nice secretariat.

Your safety is our responsibility. That's why we have a collaboration with the Red Cross during the event.

All participants who complete the Torghatten Marathon will receive a medal around the neck after finishing.
In addition, the class winners will receive great prizes from our sponsors.
Prize distribution will take place at Nordhus Stadium, approx. at 15:00 pm.
We will wait until everyone has arrived!


All races start at Nordhus Stadium / Nordhus Circuit Samfunnshus.
All activities also take place here.
Your bib number

The bib number will be available for collection at Nordhus Stadium.

The bib number can be picked up Friday between 17:00 and 20:00. If you are not able to arrive on Friday, the bib number can be picked up on Saturday from 09:00.

You will receive your bib number information to your registered email address in the week leading up to race day. You will also receive this on SMS to your registered number.

Our Sport Sponsor SPORT 1 is offering sports sales on Friday and Saturday.
Overview map

Here is Nordhus Stadium!

Colours bib number

Marathon- and Half maraton: Blue
Oygaloppen (10 000 m): Red
Mini marathon and The Trim (3 600 m): Green
Kids Race: Yellow


SexNameTeam/ClubTimeTM Year
FGuro SundalKlæbu Løpeklubb01:23:062015
FMari BroxSømna IL01:25:022017
FTorill OlsenBrønnøysund IL01:39:012018
FTorill OlsenBrønnøysund IL01:39:222017
FMette Siri BrønmoBIL01:39:302018
MLasse BlomSømna IL01:11:032018
MKjell Arne TrælnesSømna IL01:11:572018
MKjell Arne TrælnesSømna IL01:12:382019
MLasse BlomSømna IL01:13:202017
MKjell Arne TrælnesSømna IL01:13:492017

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